Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately, but we have been so BUSY! First was the camping trip (see pictures below), then there was the baby shower (see pictures below). This last weekend we spent time with my cousin Casey who lives in Hawaii and hasn't been home in like 3 years, our other cousins Caitlin and Andy came down too. It was so great to see Casey I miss him so much. Oh and by the way they all have fake teeth in, and that is Ashley's boyfriend Matt the newest member of the family. Of course we had to dress Sage in her camo outfit since daddy, Andy and his girlfriend Carol, and Uncle Dave were shooting their bows getting ready for hunting season. Then she got tuckered out and decided she wanted to sit on the couch and watch baseball with Uncle Dave.

I also had my 10 year high school reunion, so we raced over to that to visit old friends. Most of them I see all the time, but it was great to see the others that I don't. There are some cute pictures of my friend Lindsey's daughter Jos and Sage playing together. Jos kept trying to take Sage's binky that was attached to her clothes, it was hillarious.

Then we raced down to Hemp Fest and of course Sand in the City which I never miss. It was pouring down rain so we put Sage in her covered carrier (see picture) and went down to congratulate Hannah on a job well done. She does such an awesome job planning such a massive event! Hannah and I worked together when I was at the museum and she was briefly engaged to my cousin Damien, but it is a good thing it didn't work out because she has herself a great boyfriend now (but I still love Damien don't get me wrong), Hannah's dad is also Sage's Dr.

So exhausted as we were we came home to find 4 cars in our driveway. Both of our parents had come and completely cleaned out the garage AND I CAN PARK IN THERE NOW! and our Mom's cleaned out all of the bed rooms and bathrooms and cleaned and hung up all of our laundry. We even found one of Jeramy's old flannel shirts so we dressed Sage up in it with her pink cowgirl hat. Then I let her eat one of those biter biscuit things, and what a mess, we gave her a bath in her duck outside and of course Lami had to supervise. What a great way to end the weekend!
Oh and by the way I am experimenting with cooking, and so far have made new dishes of Jambalia, stuffed Mannicotti, and Pot Roast (with cream of mushroom soup, dry onion soup mix), SO if you have any easy recipies PLEASE send them my way!!


Katy said...

Geesh lady! Slow down! LOL Glad you guys are having such a great time together! I can't believe how cool your families are to do all of that stuff for you guys! Cute pics and I'm glad you finally got to see your cousins! I bet they all got a kick out of Sage!

Em said...

Better to be busy then bored right? lol. I bet it feels good to relax for a while though. Cute pictures. And yeah, I'm totally jealous about how much your family does for you guys lol. Hope to see ya soon!